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Imperial Centre Gosford

Gosford Mini Olympics

To celebrate the Olympics 2024, we will be joined by the fantastic team from Gecko Sports to host the FIRST EVER Mini Olympics!


This FREE Activation is open to ALL AGES and will include some EXCITING PRIZES!!

The activity will be located in Imperial Centre Food Court on the below dates:



    • Wednesday 10th July
    • Thursday 11th July
    • Friday 12th July
    • Saturday 13th July


Sessions Times:

Arrive any time between 10:00am and 2:00pm and the team from Gecko Sports will get your child set up with a game!

No Bookings Required.


Activities will include: 

The Gladiator activity uses coloured markers, pool noodles, hula hoops, ropes, coloured cones and coloured spots during the various stages.  It includes team events, tag, obstacle courses, tug of war, balancing and jousting.


Obstacle Hockey is a sport that uses hockey sticks and small bean bags that don’t roll.  Competing teams guide the bean bags around an obstacle course as quickly as possible.


Upper Body Relay is a team event (the number of children will determine how many teams) and it involves crab walks, sit-ups and the ‘sausage roll’.  It’s a fitness challenge that’s fun to do and is also entertaining for the spectators.


Shuttle Runs is an activity that uses large and small coloured cones.  It’s a team event and each team member must complete an exercise during their shuttle run.


Noughts and Crosses uses bean bags and hula hoops to play this traditional game.


Zig-Zag Rob the Nest requires the accumulation of bean bags from the opposition’s hula hoops.




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