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Imperial Centre Gosford

Meet keeks, the artist behind our Level 4 mural!

Over the coming month, there will be some exciting changes to the Level 4 entry space (accessible via. the rooftop car park or stairs on Level 3) where local muralist, Kieran Turner (keeks) will be painting one of his colourful creations.

About the Artist

Kieran Turner (keeks) is a mural artist from Kincumber, NSW. His work is an energetic exploration inspired by the colour, pattern and shape on show in his backyard, drawing inspiration from his childhood spent paddling through saltwater, sand, sun and screaming sulphur crested cockatoos.

“I want to wrap you in the work, give an opportunity to be ensconced by colour and shape rather than staring at it behind a gallery rope and large enough that the work stares into you rather than you at it.” – keeks

Be sure to stop by and say hello!


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